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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
These questions and answers apply to our High Speed Internet and Dry DSL access services only, unless otherwise stated. For all other services, please review the appropriate service page or contact us. For support information, see Support.
Obtaining Caneris Internet, Availability, Activation Times
  1. How do I switch from another DSL provider (e.g. Bell Internet, Primus)?
    Switching is easy. Simply cancel the service with the provider at least one week before you would like us to take over, then order our service and let us know of your disconnect date. It will become the activation date for our service and typically you should experience no downtime.
  2. How do I switch from a cable provider (e.g. Rogers, Videotron, Cogeco) or another non-DSL provider?
    Switching is easy. Simply cancel the service with your provider at least one week before you would like us to take over, then order our service. As the two service can co-exist, they will overlap, so you will not experience any downtime.
  3. How long does it take to activate Internet access?
    Normally, your DSL line will take 5 business days to activate. Dry DSL will typically take a minimum of 5 business days as well, though due to circumstances beyond our control, this may take up to 15 days in extreme cases.
  4. Why does the Availability Check indicate that service is not available for my telephone number?
    There can be many reasons and your location might still be serviceable. If you have recently moved, the line is new, your telephone number is unpublished or is with a telephone service provider other than Bell Canada (e.g. Rogers, Primus, etc.), then the line or location might still be serviceable. Please contact us with your address and we will advise you promptly. It is also possible that you are located too far from the DSL transmission equipment (DSLAM) or that there are no facilities available to serve your location.
  5. My telephone service is not from Bell Canada, it's from Rogers, Primus, etc. Can I get DSL?
    Please contact us to verify availability for your location. If you have a cable phone or VoIP, you will need to either order our dry DSL service or move your phone to a regular analogue landline first and then order our regular DSL service.
    For CLEC lines (does not apply to most customers, we will advise you if this applies to you), we require your circuit number when you place an order with us - it is formatted as LCLXXU########BLCA###, where the # signs are numbers, and may be obtained from your phone line provider.
  6. I do not have an active phone line (e.g. mobile phone only, VoIP, digital cable phone, etc.), can I still get DSL?
    Yes. Our dry DSL service is for you.
  7. I'm in a student residence in a university/college. Can I get your service?
    Probably. Please contact us.
  8. Can you tell me what speeds I will receive at my location?
    DSL is a distance and line quality sensitive technology. As such, the service is sold as 'up to' a particular speed. Unfortunately due to the nature of DSL, no ISP is able to determine the exact speeds you will receive at a particular location until service is installed and can be tested. If you've had DSL service at your location in the past or are switching from a DSL provider, you will likely receive similar speeds with Caneris. However, in certain cases, our field techs are able to perform inside wire repairs or pursue successfully outside repairs to your line with providers, achieving better results. We cannot guarantee this, but we try our best, keeping in mind our priority of providing a stable service first.
Billing, Payments, Cancellations, Moves, Changes
  1. May I cancel the service at any time without penalty? / Do you have contracts?
    There are no mandatory long term contracts. We require notice of cancellation at least 14 days before the end of your current monthly billing cycle. The first month of service is non-refundable, unless service cannot be provided in a particular location. Cancellations may be made only via the Customer Portal --> My Services --> Manage (beside your Internet package) --> Cancel (bottom left of the page). Verbal/oral cancellations are not accepted.
  2. When do I need to notify you if I move?
    You must notify us at least 14 days before your move, via the Customer Portal --> My Services --> Manage (beside your Internet package) --> Move. A $5 fee applies for moves, but if you have Dry DSL, then the regular dry DSL activation fee is charged again instead.
  3. Do I need to notify you if I change my phone number and/or provider (not due to moving)?
    You must notify us at least 14 days before your phone number or provider changes, or if the name on your phone bill changes. This is to be done via the Customer Portal --> My Services --> Manage (beside your Internet package) --> "Change Service Telephone Number or Line Provider". A $5 fee applies for any of these changes.
  4. Are there any other charges?
    • Speed change (e.g. from Standard to Lite, from Lite to Standard, etc.)
    • Moving (except dry DSL)
    • Changing the service telephone number, provider, or name on the telephone bill

    Moving Dry DSL service has regular Dry DSL activation fees.
  5. Which payment methods do you accept?
    If you wish to pay monthly, we accept only credit card (Visa and MasterCard) payments.
    For semi-annual or annual payments, we accept cheques, E-mail Money Transfer, and money orders.
    For some services and in particular situations, we may accept other methods as well. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  6. When are pre-authorized credit card payments processed?
    To process an order for most services including DSL, dial-up, hardware, and hosting/colo/VPS, we require the first month's payment in full. Subsequent payments are seven days ahead of your monthly cycle (e.g. if your service activates on July 14th, your credit card is charged on or after the 7th of each month)
  7. How do I receive/track invoices and payments?
    Our Customer Portal allows you to view all of your past invoices, payments, and other account activity, as well as to view/manage your services and communicate with us in a secure manner. Invoices and receipts are also e-mailed automatically with every cycle.
  8. Are DSL services ever pro-rated for any reason?
    No, our DSL services are prepaid and billed in whole month increments. In the case of a DSL line issue where a telco ticket is opened and trouble proves out, either an adjustment of dates or a credit is provided, covering the affected period. This is not done automatically.
  9. I've cancelled DSL service and have a cancellation ticket number, where/when/how do I return a rental modem?
    Rental modems are to be received at the following address within two weeks of the service termination date (the date indicated by us in the cancellation ticket):
    PO BOX 2456, STN B
    Modems without the cancellation ticket number written clearly on the outside of the box will not be processed and you will continue to be billed for the rental modem.
Hardware (DSL Modems/Routers/Wireless, Filters)
  1. What DSL modem buying/rental options do I have?
    • Use your own DSL modem or buy one
    • Rent a DSL modem from us ($3/month)
    • Buy a DSL modem from us, see Hardware for details
    If buying or renting from us, we will preconfigure the DSL modem with your login to connect automatically, if you wish. In this case, you will only need to connect the modem to your PC or router and will not need to perform additional configuration.
    There is a $10 shipping charge for modems rented/purchased from us sent within ON/QC or we can deliver for free within our field service area.
    For information on which modems are available for sale, see hardware.
  2. How much does it cost to rent a modem?
  3. Must I use filters?
    Yes. A DSL filter is required for each telephone/fax or other device that connects to your phone line. Your DSL modem should NOT have a filter on it. Dry DSL customers do not require filters as the line is used only for DSL.
  4. Is any modem compatible with the DSL service?
    Any ADSL modem which supports the "G.dmt" standards and is configured for VPI/VCI 0/35 should work. If the modem was used with another DSL provider in Ontario or Quebec, then it will work with our service. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesistate to contact technical support.
  5. Where can I obtain further information on hardware?
    Please see Hardware.
Installation and Shipping/Delivery options
  1. Do you install the modem and connect the computer/router at my home/business?
    You can install the modem and connect a computer/router by yourself easily, by following the instructions on our support page. However, we provide a free professional installation service in selected areas of Ontario.
  2. How do I obtain a modem/filters from Caneris?
    -Shipping ($10) within Ontario and Quebec
    -Free delivery within our field service area
  1. Do you provide static IPs and/or subnets?
    Yes. For those customers would would like static IPs, we provide a static IP for $4/month, /30 subnet (2 usable IPs) for $5/month, /29 subnet (6 usable IPs) for $10/month, /28 subnet (14 usable IPs) for $20/month. Please note that a static IP is a prerequisite for obtaining subnets. For other options, including custom solutions, please contact us.
  2. Do you allow servers on your network?
    Yes, we allow servers on our network.
  3. Do you throttle or block any traffic, like P2P, torrents, etc.?
    No, we do not throttle or block any traffic. For Bell Canada's Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) throttling performed prior to traffic reaching us, we have two workarounds: SSH tunnel workaround to bypass throttling and MLPPP workaround to bypass throttling.
  4. What is the monthly data transfer limit?
    There is a limit of 300GB/month for regular (Standard/Pro) DSL packages and 10/GB for Lite/Basic DSL packages. Additional traffic is charged at $0.50/GB.
  5. Is there access to newsgroups/Usenet?
    As of September 15th 2010, we are no longer able to offer newsgroup access services currently. If this changes in future, this page will be updated.
  6. Does Caneris support multilink PPPoE (MLPPP) or bonded DSL lines?
    Yes, please see MLPPP information for details.
Server and Tool Addresses, Usernames and Passwords
  1. Where do I check my usage?
    You can check your usage at
  2. Is there a webmail interface for checking e-mail?
  3. What are your incoming mail (POP/IMAP) and outgoing mail (SMTP) servers and settings?
    Authenticated SMTP is used for outbound mail and either POP or IMAP for inbound mail. Both are secured with TLS. To obtain server addresses and configuration instructions for your e-mail client, please login to the webmail interface and click on Help at the top right.
  4. What is the password for the wireless network on my Caneris-provided modem?
  5. What is my customer portal login?
    The customer portal login was e-mailed to the contact e-mail address upon completion of the first order on your account. Please use the login recovery page if you've lost or forgotten it
  6. What is my PPPoE login?
Inside Wiring
  1. Who is responsible for the inside wiring in my home or business?
    You are. We provide a free inspection/diagnostic service for our DSL subscribers and offer repair services at competitive rates.
  2. Can Caneris repair my inside wiring and/or add jacks?
    Yes. We offer inside wire installation and repair services in selected areas of Ontario. Please contact us for further details.
  1. Can I run OpenVPN on your VPSs?
    Yes, but we need to enable this on each VPS; please create a ticket via the portal.
  1. I have a question that is not covered here, where can I seek further help?
    Please review the product pages and our support page, and then contact us if you still have questions. Existing customers should contact us via the Customer Portal.