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Frequently Asked Questions

DSL Hardware - ADSL2+ modems and routers
Caneris offers a selection of DSL hardware including modems and filters with fast and convenient shipping options. DSL and Dry DSL customers receive free hardware (modems and filters) if choosing to pre-pay for one year of service.

TP-Link W8950ND (TD-W8950ND) Modem
TP-Link W8950ND DSL Modem
ADSL2+ 4-port modem/router and 150Mbps wireless$59.99Buy Now

TP-Link 8816 (TD-8816) Modem
TP-Link 8816 DSL Modem
ADSL2+ (single Ethernet port) modem/router$24.99Buy Now

NEW! TP-Link WR1043ND (TL-WR1043ND) Wireless Router
TP-Link WR1043ND Wireless Router
Wireless N (300Mbps) Gigabit Ethernet Router

Supports our OpenWrt/MLPPP firmware. Ask us to pre-load it for you!
$78.99Contact us

NEW! MLPPP pack: TP-Link WR1043ND wireless router running OpenWrt/MLPPP and two TP-Link 8816 modems in bridge mode.

Regular price when buying the two modems and router separately: $128.97

MLPPP pack price: $109.99
$109.99 Contact us
DSL Filter
DSL filter
Excelsius single-jack DSL filter$3.00Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions - Hardware

These questions and answers apply only to hardware (such as modems and filters) we sell.
  1. Where can I order modems, filters, and other hardware?
  2. Do I have to subscribe to your services to buy hardware?
    No. Anyone may buy hardware except where otherwise indicated.
  3. Will the modem work with another service provider / are the modems unlocked?
    The modems are not locked to Caneris DSL service. They come with generic firmware.
  4. What is included with modems?
    Modem, power supply, line cord, patch cable.
  5. How do I get modems and filters?
    • Shipping ($10) - within Ontario and Quebec
    • Shipping ($15) - outside Ontario and Quebec
    The shipping charge indicated is for up to three modems and five filters. Shipping charges for additional modems will be calculated based on your location and quantity ordered.
  6. What is the condition of modems?
    TP-Link modems are new.
  7. What is the return policy?
    Returns are not permitted. Replacements are provided under warranty (see following questions for details).
  8. What is the warranty period?
    Purchased TP-Link modems have a one year warranty.
    Rented modems have a perpetual warranty.
  9. What are the warranty conditions?
    We will replace defective modems, where they are determined to be defective by us on a case-by-case basis. Replacements will not be provided under some conditions, including without limitation:
    -You have DSL line issues
    -The modem is incompatible with your other equipment
    -You do not like the modem for any reason
    -You have damaged the modem yourself (as determined by us and not including shipping)
    -You have tamepered with the modem in any way, including altering the serial numbers on the board or the stickers on the case, or you have opened the case.
    -You attempt to replace a modem which was not purchased from us.

    It is your responsibility to arrange for us to get the modem. We may pick it up and provide a replacement instantly in some cases, if we are able to test it on your premises.

    Replacements are shipped out (shipping paid by us) or delivered as soon as possible after the returned units are confirmed defective.

    This question/answer does not cover all situations. We reserve the right to refuse to replace a unit for any reason.
  10. What are the payment methods?
    Payment may be made by Visa/MasterCard, E-mail Money Transfer, and money order only. Caneris DSL subscribers may pay by their usual payment methods.
  11. How soon do you ship orders?
    For Caneris DSL subscribers, modems are pre-configured and shipped such that they arrive to coincide with your activation date. For non-subscribers, hardware is shipped within 24 hours of your payment being processed.
  12. By what shipping method do you ship?
    We use Canada Post Expedited Parcel. This is a 1-3 day service to most urban locations and a bit longer to rural locations. If you are not at home or at your business to receive the parcel, it will typically go to the local post office to await pickup. You may use the tracking number provided by us to obtain status information from Canada Post.