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Multilink / Bonded ADSL / MLPPP
Caneris offers MLPPP connections within Ontario and Quebec, specializing in custom solutions. Our solutions are used by residences and small businesses, as well as WISPs and larger multi-branch businesses, to name a few. Please contact us to see how you can benefit from this.

About Bonded DSL (MLPPP)

Multilink PPP (also known as MLPPP, multi-link, or DSL bonding) allows combining multiple DSL connections to take advantage of increased speeds and reliability. It requires a compatible router on the client side.

Supported Client Hardware and Software

Caneris recommends OpenWrt/MLPPP, router software developed by us, running on a TP-Link WR1043ND, Netgear WNDR3700, or an x86 machine.

OpenWrt/MLPPP has the broadest hardware support for embedded devices/routers and a generic x86 version as well.

Caneris offers a MLPPP pack consisting of a pre-loaded and pre-configured OpenWrt/MLPPP router (TP-Link WR1043ND) and two modems in bridge mode (TP-Link TD-8816) - please see Hardware for details.

Pricing Structure for bonded ADSL service

There is no extra charge for our MLPPP service. Customers may order multiple DSL lines at regular rates (as described at DSL and Dry DSL) and MLPPP service is automatically activated for their account. Usage limits per line are combined (e.g. a 300GB monthly usage limit becomes 600GB when two lines are bonded). Please note that unlimited usage is not included on business packages when MLPPP is used - for business pacakges, a 300GB/month usage limit per line applies; $0.50/GB for extra usage.

Pricing structure for WISPs and other wholesale partners varies - please contact us for details.